Keyword Selection and Search Engine ( Social Medi

 Here are the detailed instructions for the paper. Thanks . Keyword Selection and Search Engine Optimization – A new high priced Italian restaurant (you can give it a name) has been opened in New Haven, CT and you have been hired as its search engine marketing consultant to help figure out the best way to use search engines to promote the restaurant. Please use the directions below to help you develop a search engine marketing strategy for your client. Select keywords that you would use for your restaurant’s search engine marketing plan. When we refer to keywords, we actually mean phrases (long tailed Keywords). So read the notes on Blackboard and select Primary, secondary and related keywords for your client. Explain why you picked those specific Keywords and the methods that you used to select those keywords. Provide as much detail as possible. Once that is done, explain in detail, how you would use those keywords to optimize your website for search engines. Read the notes and explain how you would do this. Finally, you need to write out a title and meta description for the site. Note: 12 PT FONT, 1 inch margins all around, and only indentations are at start of the paragraph.

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