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Leadership Characteristics
Use the information from Chapter 1 in the Lopez text (2015), Chapter 8 from Mooney and Mausbach (2008), and this week’s Weekly Lesson to inform your initial post. Additional scholarly sources are located in the Recommended Resources list for this week.
Think about a leader that you have previously worked for, have knowledge of, or experience with. Prepare a response including the following:
Describe briefly the relationship between you and the leader you have chosen without using their name. What roles were/are each of you responsible for?
Identify any of the five principles of servant leadership as described by Lopez (2015), as well as up to three of the dimensions and characteristics of leadership described by Mooney and Mausbach (2008) that your leader exhibited that made the greatest impact on you. Provide an example of transparency this person exhibited, or describe how being transparent might have made this leader more effective if they did not demonstrate this trait.
Evaluate a single principle of servant leadership and up to two dimensions and/or characteristics of leadership that you personally would like to target to develop further. Explain the value to you and to others if you could enhance this target.

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