Leonardo da Vinci

You will be writing a six-page essay based on research about an artist (or artists) you select, accompanied by an original work of art you make, created in response the work of the artist you study. Your research can focus on paintings, photographs, sculpture, architecture, or any other medium, and you can create your work of art in any medium. There is a six-page minimum for your paper, but you can write a little more if you wish. Your paper will consist of the following: 1. Title of your paper (and the title of your work), your name and the date at the top of the first page. (no cover page). Be sure to have a descriptive title for the essay and a title for the art. 2. An introduction with a thesis statement. 3. The body of the paper, in which you will need to refer to between five and ten specific works of art and to describe, analyze and interpret these works in relation to your own art project. Also include a discussion of how your work of art was influenced by the art you researched and studied. You will absolutely need to discuss your own work of art A rule of thumb is that the paper is about 80-90% about what you have learned by exploring your research topic and 10-20% about your art project and how it reflects the influences of your research and study. Please be sure to address both formal qualities and content, and put the art studied into context (historical, political, cultural, etc.). 4. A conclusion, summing up your main ideas. 5. You will need to consult eight scholarly references—books and/or articles, including at least FOUR BOOKS. Museum and professional art history websites can be used, but as supplements to the eight scholarly sources you will need to find. The textbook and assigned readings do not count as research, though you may use them as extra sources. Encyclopedias and general histories of art are not considered scholarly sources for this assignment, though they can be used as supplements. 6. Bibliography and footnotes in the Chicago Style format. See writing tips and Chicago Style handouts for format. 7. Illustrations (printout or photocopy) of works that inspired you or to which you refer in your artist’s statement. These should have typed captions stating the artist, title and date. 8. A PHOTOGRAPH OF YOUR OWN WORK OF ART. N.B. Titles of paintings, like titles of books and journals, are italicized (not in quotation marks). Put dates, medium and figure numbers in parentheses: e.g. Las Meninas (1656, oil on canvas, fig. 1), or for birth and death dates: Frida Kahlo (1907-1954). Use last names of artists and authors (except for the first mention). Please do not include biographical information that is not directly related to the images you are examining, and please refrain from generic praise of works or artists.

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