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Written Plague Assignment (20%)    The report is worth 20% of your course grade and is to be submitted online. The final date for submission is Monday July 9th at 9:00AM. However, you can submit the essay anytime until this date. I will be using Turnitin for all assignments. Late submissions will not be accepted without proper documentation. A grading rubric will be supplied online.   Learning Objectives:  gain some understanding of how infectious disease outbreaks arise and spread  Ø gain some understanding of how infectious disease outbreaks can impact human populations  gain some understanding of how human reaction to disease outbreak can influence its impact on human populations  Ø gain some understanding of approaches, methods and ‘success’ of managing infectious disease  Ø gain some understanding of the issues surrounding the use of management practices (specifically, but not limited quarantines and vaccinations)  be able to critically evaluate news articles and peer-reviewed articles    Assigned Tasks:    Read articles from the news, in addition to other articles found on-line (eg. other news articles and peer-reviewed articles) about recent (within the last 5 years) disease outbreaks. You are to choose one (1) disease outbreak to discuss (eg. measles, influenza, mumps). We have supplied some examples of news articles related to recent disease outbreaks in Canada below, but please find additional articles.     Answer the following questions taking the disease you chose into consideration. It is expected you will consult a number of resources, in addition to peer-reviewed sources.    a. Was this outbreak(s) entirely unexpected?  b. Why did the outbreak occur where it did?  c. What are the factors that might facilitate an outbreak of this disease?  d. Has the outbreak been limited in terms of geographic area?  e. Does the outbreak have the potential to reach pandemic proportions?  f. Where else might an outbreak of this disease occur?  g. Is this disease readily identifiable and treatable?  h. What are means of managing this disease once it breaks out in a human population?  i. Can this disease be effectively managed?  j. What are the challenges to managing this disease?  k. Has public reaction in the affected area had an influence (or does it have a potential influence) on the impact of the disease and its management?  l. Has public reaction outside of the area (particularly in the developed world) had an influence (or does it have a potential influence) on the impact of the disease and its management?      While I expect the above questions to be addressed, your discussion is not strictly limited to the above questions. The questions are really to help guide you in thinking about infectious diseases, their impact on human populations and approaches to their management. Some of the questions may be related and intertwined. Remember to keep the learning objectives in mind throughout the process of completing this assignment.    4. You may use online sources for this assignment, BUT take care that they are legitimately peer-reviewed and/or referenced sources. Two to three general lower quality sources are fine as long as they are balanced with higher quality, reputable sources.  Write up should be 6-8 pages – approximately 1500 words (excluding any diagrams, a title page and/or references). Please note – diagrams are not required, but you may find they assist with the explanation of something. Citation format should follow APA standards.   The assignment is to be written in a report format. You are responsible for creating the proper headings for each section. The information provided under each heading should be written in proper sentence/paragraph structure. Please remember to reference all materials which are not your own words

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