List the names and addresses of all guests in Kuala Lumpur

Based on the schema above, describe the relations that would be produced by the following relational algebra operations:


ΠhotelNo (σprice > 50 (Room) )                                                       [2 Marks]

σHotel.hotelNo = Room.hotelNo(Hotel × Room)                                     [2 Marks]

ΠhotelName (Hotel ⊳⊲ Hotel.hotelNo = Room.hotelNo (σprice > 50 (Room)) ) [3 Marks] iv. ΠuestName, hotelNo (Booking ⊳⊲ Booking.guestNo = Guest.guestNo Guest) ÷ 

ΠhotelNo (σcity = ’London’(Hotel))                          [3 Marks] v.     Guest ⊐⊲ (σdateTo ‘1-Jan-2002’ (Booking))                                    [2 Marks]

                  vi.      Hotel

 Hotel.hotelNo = Room.hotelNo (σprice > 50 (Room)) )                   [3 Marks]


Write a relation algebra operation that would the answer for each of the following:  


List the names and addresses of all guests in Kuala Lumpur, alphabetically

ordered by name.                                                                      [3 Marks] ii.     List the bookings for which no dateTo has been specified.        [3 Marks] iii.    List the number of rooms in each hotel in London.                  [3 Marks] iv.    List the price and type of all rooms at the Ero Hotel.  [3 Marks] v.        Produce the number of guest made bookings for August.        [4 Marks] vi.     List all guests currently staying at the Grosvenor Hotel.       [4 Marks]


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