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Major areas of CRISPR applications are listed below.  General topic:

 Agriculture/crop species (not decaf coffee obviously, but someone please pick bananas!) 

you are to research and select and explain a specific example. For example, decaf coffee would fall under Agriculture/Crop species. You will present the following info:

  • A summary of the problem (this should be a couple of solid paragraphs in your OWN WORDS).
  • How is CRISPR technology applied?
  • Is the CRISPR solution successful?
  • Is there any danger of potential misuse?  
  • Is it moral and/or ethical?Explain whether you support or oppose the use of this technology- your opinion can not be wrong, but your lack of support for your opinion can.
  • What do you learn that stood out the most for you and why?
  • Make sure to include at least one image to support your ‘application’ in some way.