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Make sure that your introduction section:
Is 1-2 pages long
Engages the reader
Provides a the thesis statement that is clear, concise, makes an argument, and previews the paper. The thesis statement must be easily identifiable. (Your reader should not have to search for it.)
Identifies and defines any obscure terms and trade jargon that will be used in the essay.
Provides background and history the reader would need to understand the essay.
Provides other specifics necessary to understanding the topic (who, what, where, when, how, why).
Uses APA formatting
Follows standards for professional writing such as grammar, tone, and word choice.
Thesis statement:
While stress is a natural way to handle life situations, there are instances where it can be detrimental to ones overall health.
Sources that NEED to be used:
*Third one is in file.

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