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For this week’s discussion, let’s dig into the idea of a relationship.

It’s the core concept in public relations–the building and maintaining of relationships–and we do it all the time. We build relationships with our friends and colleagues, but how do we do it with our publics? Sometimes, the easiest ways to understand how businesses maintain a relationship with a public is to think about examples from our own lives. So, let’s think about how organizations work to build and maintain relationships with you. You are a public for an organization. Think about a time when an organization went out of their way to help you as a public. What happened? What did they do to make you feel special as a customer? What relationship maintenance strategies were used? Now, think of a time that an organization messed up their relationship with you as a public. Tell us about that. What do you think they could have done to repair the damage that was done? What relationship maintenance strategies were used? What were most effective in allaying your concerns.


Go the Institute for Public Relations website and read the “Top 10 Public Relations Research Insights of 2018” article. Choose one finding that surprises you and one that does not. In the discussion, tell us about them and how you think these findings might influence how the industry approaches public relations.



Managing a reputation can be difficult. Sometimes companies mess up, and sometimes people mess up. Either way, managing a crisis can be difficult. So, have you ever made a mistake professionally or personally and tried to recover from it? Was it that you made a mistake or were you misunderstood? What steps did you take to rectify the situation? I am really enjoying you interactions each week. So, let’s talk about how we repaired the damage we caused. (You do not have to go into details about the mistake that you actually made.)