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When we are designing for  clients, it’s important to consider their needs. If we are designing for our own business or for someone else’s it is important that we understand who the customers are, how to reach them, what they want, where they will purchase from, and how much they’ll pay for a product. Today we’ll look at some of the challenges that businesses might experience when trying to design retail lines and what are some current trends in today’s retail market. We will refer to:

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· Powerpoint and Video- Target Market & the Marketing Mix

· Case Study- DeBeers: Marketing to Millenials

· Jewellery Business Magazine- Striking Gold in the Millenial Jewellery Market

· Images from other fine jewellery retailers with current diamond jewellery collections


1. Find 5 Images from a commercial collection designed by one of the listed fine jewellery retailers with current diamond jewellery collections.

Birks   Michael Hill   Tiffany’s  Shelly Purdy Studio  Anne Sportun  Other?

2. List characteristics of the collection that make it producible, wearable and functional. Are there any aspects of it that you think make it commercially viable?

B. Referring to the above sources please answer the following questions: