MDC Disaster Recovery Plan for Vila Health Community

– Develop a  disaster recovery plan to lessen health disparities and improve access  to community services after a disaster. Then, develop and record a 10-12  slide presentation of the  plan with audio and speaker notes for the Vila Health system, city  officials, and the disaster relief team.

– Complete the following:

  1. Develop a disaster recovery plan for the Vila Health community that  will lessen health disparities and improve access to services after a  disaster. Refer back to the Vila Health: Disaster Recovery Scenario to understand the Vila Health community. 
    • Assess community needs.
    • Consider resources, personnel, budget, and community makeup.
    • Identify the people accountable for implementation of the plan and describe their roles.
    • Focus on specific Healthy People 2020 goals and 2030 objectives.
    • Include a timeline for the recovery effort.
  2. Apply the MAP-IT (Mobilize, Assess, Plan, Implement, Track) framework to guide the development of your plan: 
    • Mobilize collaborative partners.
    • Assess community needs. 
      • Use the demographic data and specifics related to the disaster to  identify the needs of the community and develop a recovery plan.  Consider physical, emotional, cultural, and financial needs of the  entire community.
      • Include in your plan the equitable allocation of services for the diverse community.
      • Apply the triage classification to provide a rationale for those who  may have been injured during the train derailment. Provide support for  your position.
      • Include in your plan contact tracing of the homeless, disabled,  displaced community members, migrant workers, and those who have hearing  impairment or English as a second language in the event of severe  tornadoes.
    • Plan to lessen health disparities and improve access to services.
    • Implement a plan to reach Healthy People 2020 goals and 2030 objectives.
    • Track and trace-map community progress. 
      • Use the CDC’s Contract Tracing Resources for Health Departments as a template to create your contact tracing.
      • Describe the plan for contact tracing during the disaster and recovery phase.
  3. Develop a slide presentation of your disaster recovery plan with an audio recording of you presenting your assessment of the Vila Health: Disaster Recovery Scenario for city officials and the disaster relief team. Be sure to also include speaker notes.

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