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Meeting Plan
For this assignment, you will function as a meeting planner for Joshua Tree Ice Cream. Using the Meeting Checklist developed by your professor, determine the following:
Explain the type of meeting that will be developed.
Hallmark event, such as a:
Significant company anniversary
Product or service launch
Awards and recognition ceremony
Annual conference
Training symposium.
Determine the primary business intentions of the event (to celebrate, acknowledge, build team member competencies, etc.)
Detail specifically.
Identify stakeholders
Decision makers
Function coordinators
Event team members
Briefly address the roles/contributions/impact of the stakeholders that are identified.
Define attendees
Organizational experience/role
Total attendance projection.
Provide a draft agenda
Location, insight into the selected space
Flow of meeting or event.
Present a typed 2 to 3-page outline. The plan can be presented in bullets. There is no need for a narrative presentation.
Remember to be explicit with detail. This assignment reflects the
realistic steps you would take as you defined your initial game plan and
provided clients with a sense of the environment you would create.

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