Mental Health Policy Paper

Task summary: You are to do a position paper  on analysis of the policy of interest, 

Full order description:

Write a position paper on the analysis of the policy of interest in the Healthcare sector.

? MAIN DETAILS: Select a federal bill or resolution that is of interest to your practice ( Prepare a position paper that incorporates an analysis of the policy of interest. Provide a persuasive, evidence-based argument for your position on that policy, including all elements listed below. Include a one-page policy brief suitable for an elected official, including all elements listed below. 

All elements of a position paper must be included:

A summary of the issue

Background information on the topic

Background information on the bill

Who is the sponsor? 

Does the bill have bi-partisan co-sponsors?

Where is the bill in the legislative process?

Has the Congressional Budget Office provided economic information to Congress?

What still needs to happen for the bill to be passed by both Houses and advanced for signature of the President? 

What is the likelihood of passage?

Alternatives, with pros and cons (Support, Support with Changes, or Reject)

Your specific recommendation for action

Your contact information

All elements of a 1-page policy brief addressed to your Representative or Senators must be included in an Appendix.

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