Microdermabrasion Centre Number and Learner Number Case

this case study based on everything below ..I would like you to go through your other 2 Microdermabrasion case studies yourself and make amendments based on the feedback from this one so I am not repeating myself. Please forward all 3 back to me by Friday for final check.

Centre Name, Centre Number and Learner Number needs to be input (Remove mobile number)

Surname to be included

NONE OF THE ABOVE under both contraindication boxes

You need to input information into the following (Overall skin condition, skin texture, and pigmentation)

Treatment details.. you say that you applied a mask after the Microdermabrasion treatment not before.

Remove “tailor the treatment intensity accordingly”

Remove “This technique aimed to target any tension or lines in that region” ( We are exfoliating the skin not targeting tension)

Remove “swapped the electrode” change to diamond tip head (the electrode is the handpiece)

Date of treatment for second treatment should be at least 7-10 days after the first treatment

Third and final treatment should be 7-10 days after second treatment

I would also add in that you recommended a course of between 10-12 treatments in a course.

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