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MN 577 Midterm Alternative Assignment
Sandra Smith is a 21 year old female G0P0 who presents to your office with complaints of 3 days of dysuria and vaginal discharge, she admits to recent, unprotected vaginal intercourse with a new male partner.
1. What do you need to include in your focused physical assessment of Sandra?
2. What diagnostic tests would you order?
3. List 3 differential diagnosis for this case study.
4. What are the potential sequele of unprotected sex?
5. If this is an STI, what would be the course of action as a provider for the patient’s partner?
6. If you perform a wet mount, what could the results indicate?
7. What are other considerations that are needed in caring for a women’s health patient in the Primary care setting?
8. Explain your non-pharmacological management of this patient.
9. List pharmacological management of this patient.
10. What would you need to include in your patient/family teaching?

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