Native Americans Film Review

watch the film and Answer all the questions: 1. The Native American Indians in the film discuss past Indian experiences with the U.S., that lead to their current conditions. What are they saying about that history and experience? The “Acts?” Loss of Land? Reservation life. 2. What can you say about the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)? Why would Native American Indians want to get rid of this federal department? What was good or bad about the BIA? Why would the BIA work with the Mixed bloods than with the full bloods? How did the BIA and Mixed bloods control the reservation? 3. The American Indian Movement (AIM) was a civil rights organization, how did they feel about the BIA? What changes did they want and why? What were the issues that AIM wanted the public to be aware of? Don’t forget the “Acts”, culture, spirituality, land, and sovereignty. 4. What are your opinions about the overall Native American Indian experience? What do you see happening to Native American Indians today?

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