Negotiations Exercise 3: Paired Interaction Negotiations – Part I Due

Negotiations Exercise 3: Paired Interaction Negotiations – Part I Due Thurs., Part II Due Sun.

3030 unread replies.3030 replies.

Directions: In this discussion, you will apply the principles from the method Getting to Yes to a personal negotiation situation.

Part I (due by Thursday on the due date as listed, but highly recommended that you start the conversation well before that date)

Think about a future negotiation scenario in your own life that you expect to encounter in the next five years where practicing negotiating here in this forum will be helpful to you. (Examples: job negotiation, purchasing a home, buying a car, negotiating a buy-out of your company, negotiating legislation, etc.) Share it with the class per the prompt and format below. Italics are there as directions to you the student and may be deleted prior to submission.

After you post, as Part II, you will reply to THREE classmates and you must interact several times with at least one of the colleagues who comments on your post so you can practice the art of negotiation. Similarly, you must interact several times with at least one of the colleagues whose post you comment on. Essentially, you are posting your future scenario that you want to practice negotiating, negotiating with someone who comments on your post, then negotiating with a colleague about their scenario. Post EARLY to increase your chances of a high-quality back-and-forth exchange.

Your posts will be evaluated based on their alignment to the principles in GTY (Getting to Yes), writing quality, and the creativity and thorough quality in your responses to others. Note: this is a “post-first” discussion so until you post, you will not see your colleagues’ posts.

  1. The Problem: Describe narratively what the possible problems might be in this negotiation scenario.
  2. Separate the People from the Problem: Discuss the perspectives of each side as you see them and identify the joint problem
  3. Focus on Interests, Not Positions: Identify the Interests of each side and describe them in an objective way, e.g. “the interests of the company hiring me is to ensure that my salary is commensurate with other hires in my area with similar experience and within the stated salary range for the position which is $__ – $___. ”

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