NR 561 WSU Application to Practice Reflective Essay

Whether practicing at the local level or involved with health initiatives that encompass a national or global approach, nurses are equipped with competencies to promote the health of individuals and populations. Through key roles involving education, leadership, collaboration, and advocacy, MSN-prepared nurses are positioned to engage with others to reduce health disparity and facilitate social justice and health equity for all people. The purpose of this assignment is to reflect upon individual strengths and opportunities to advance global health through current practice. Future opportunities to shape global health through advanced nursing practice will be explored.

Because this assignment is reflective in nature, take time to consider and reflect upon the following:

Your core values and how they align with the principles of global health

The different ways that nurses contribute to global health through routine practice, caring for individuals, families, and groups

Competencies essential for practice in the global health arena and your areas of strength

  • Current and future practice opportunities to support global health
  • After thoughtful reflection, create a reflective essay. Use a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed scholarly sources, current within 5 years, to support your work. 
  • Provide an introduction to the reflective essay.
  • Explain how your core professional values are congruent with the guiding principles of global health. Describe two personal strengths and explain how they align with the competencies essential for global health practice. Discuss how these two strengths can facilitate interprofessional collaborative practice.

Discuss how you can use the strengths and competencies you identified to impact global health through advanced nursing practice. Explain one specific example that you plan to put into action, and describe how your efforts would contribute to health equity.

Provide a conclusion to the reflective essay.

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