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The colleges mentioned in these articles are mostly selective, private and expensive. Attendance at such schools can be considered a privilege, but as you can see in the Heller article, not all students at these schools are rich. Is this a problem for students at “elite” schools, but not for others? How does the situation change when you adjust for social class or “elite-ness”? Why would this kind of problem only apply in those places? Be careful not to give an oversimplified answer to this one. Readings to consider here could include Haidt and Lukianoff, Heller, McArdle, Cox’s The College Fear Factor, from the beginning of the semester. please do not double space and please do not restate thesis on the conclusion


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In a minimum 250 word paragraph. Discuss in detail at least three popular sources you chose for your essay, what section of the essay you will use them in, and what makes each a good source. The most effective way to organize this is one by one. Finally, discuss whether you decided to include a statistic and why or why not. 


Give a proper MLA citations (or APA) for each of your scholarly sources and write a paragraph about each that answers ALL of the following questions (this post should be at least 300 words total)

1) What subject data base did you look in to find this source?

2) Why did you choose this database?

3) How will this source be helpful to your paper and what will it teach your reader?

4) How many articles did you look at before choosing this source and why did you chose this one out of all of them?