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Title: Nurses as Agents for Changes Instructions: Identify an area of clinical practice that you consider requires change. This could be generated from a patient / client situation, quality improvement process, nurse question about why we do things the way we do, a new policy directive or new evidence from research. Once an area of clinical practice that requires change is identified, the student will write an assignment that describes the steps that could be taken to effect the desired change in practice. Use of supporting literature is essential to support your proposed change process. This will include: 1. Diagnosis of the problem 2. Development of potential solutions 3. An implementation plan for the proposed change 4. A plan for evaluation & reestablishment of balance The written assignment should include: Introduction Start with general introductory sentence and then introduce topic more specifically. Define all significant concepts or key words, explain briefly what the topic is about, and outline your position in relation to the topic and what your main argument will be. Body of essay This will contain the interview report and key themes/issues raised. Make sure your arguments are supported by evidence such as specific examples or references to your reading. All sources must be acknowledged accurately. You may discuss conflicting evidence or interpretations of evidence. You can develop and defend your own position. Conclusion The conclusion reflects and summarizes the main points raised in the body of the essay. Do not introduce any new material or use reference in the conclusion. Guidelines: • An electronic copy of your work must be presented using Microsoft Word, Arial text font size 11 with 1½ spacing between lines. • Use appropriate sub-headings to structure the work. • Academic misconduct (e.g. plagiarism, collusion) is a serious offence therefore work must be original and supported by references to scholarly materials. • Read widely and interpret the literature in your words (paraphrasing). • Direct quotes should be kept to an absolute minimum. • Using APA 6th ed. referencing system, references cited in the body of the text must match those in the end reference list. • You are required to submit the assignment in form of electronic copy, and submission is via e-mail. • Marks will be deducted for grammar and spelling errors