Nursing Theorist: Patricia Benner

select a nursing theorist from the list below and explore the work of the nursing theorist and his/her theory. Nursing Theorists: Highly suggested for ease at completing this assignmentoPhilosophiesPatricia Benner. Nursing Theorists Guidelines:Nursing Theorist Assignment must include but is not limited to thefollowing for the chosen theorist/theory:1.Intro that includes:Credentials and background of the theorist. (3/4 of a page max)2.Type of theory/focus—(based on the classification above) ( 2-3 sentences.)3.Theoretical sourcesused that theory is based upon. (1/2 page)4.Major concepts and definitions. (strong focus here) (1 page minimum)5.Major assumptions(1/2 page)6.Utilization/application(How might this theory be used in nursing practicetoday, in order to improve patient outcomes)? (1/2-3/4 of a page)7.Summary/conclusion ( 3-4 sentences summarizing paper)Nursing Theorist Assignment Submission: Please refer to class schedule for due date and time.Writing Expectations:Write a 4-5 page scholarly paper(not including title pageor reference page) discussing your selected nursing theorist/theory with respect tothe above 1-7 listed guidelines.Headings: Utilize the guidelines as headings for your paper.(Example:Credentials and Background is one heading, Type of Theory and Focus is the secondheading, etc.).References:A minimum of 2 scholarly/peer-reviewed references in addition to yourtextbook. (Note: Theory websites are not considered scholarly references!)APA Guidelines: Assignment is supported by APA guidelines which includes anexpectation of complete sentences which. Required Resources. American Psychological Association (APA).Publication manual of the American PsychologicalAssociation(6th ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological AssociationMasters, K. (2015).Nursing theories: A framework for p rofessional p ractice (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA:Jones & Bartlett Learning.Possible ResourcesAlligood, M. R. (2014).Nursing theorists and their work(8th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.Evolution of nursing theories.Retrieved from…/AlligoodCh1-9780323091947.pdfJean Watson Interview 1 Caring Science Theory Watson Interview 2 Caring Science Theory Theta Tau International website. www.nursingsociety.orgPatricia Benner: What are your core values that keep you going? What is your “true north”? Collected Works of Florence Nightingale. Roy Adaptation Model B Textbook Readings:Chapters based upon selected theorist/theoryAdditional literature, i.e. journal a

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