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Topic: Current event.  This assignment requires you to obtain a newspaper article or magazine article that directly deals with a topic we have already covered in this class.  The source that you choose must be reputable, of course (e.g., from Science magazine, National Geographic, the Sun Sentinel, etc.) and it must be of sufficient length and depth.  I must have access to the entire article.  The article should discuss an actual recent event, such as a new discovery or a natural disaster related to geology, etc.  It should not be just an educational summary of something scientific.  If you are unsure if your article is appropriate, please ask me and I’ll be happy to help you make a determination.  Preferably, your article will be sent to me as a link (embedded in the assignment, after your summary) that I can click to read.  If it is a printed source, please bring me an original or a scanned copy of it.  I will not give you a grade until I have read the article, so if you do not provide the link or original source of the article and I have to contact you to get it, you will lose points.

I want a thorough summary of the article, an explanation of how this ties in to class (if it isn’t really apparent in your summary) and what you learned from and thought of the article.  This should be at minimum 250 words.

UPLOAD AS A WORD DOCUMENT OR A PDF FORMAT ONLY.  Blackboard does not render other formats well and I may not be able to view the document.  If I have to seek you out to submit in a different format, you will lose 20% automatically.

This must be a totally different topic than what you used for your first current event assignment.