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One of my current research projects focuses on understanding educational and business environments that can give rise to creativity. For the last year,
our team has been studying an initiative-based high school in Cedar Rapids called IowaBIG. Nearing the end of its fourth year of operation, this school, which is part of the Cedar Rapids Community School District,
enrolls 130 students. There are no classes, no lectures, no tests. Students earn their credits toward graduation by working on initiatives with community mentors. You can learn more about the school at
I am currently leading one of these initiatives, which consists of research on student engagement and their experience of flow, a concept well deal with later in the class. In February, we hosted a conversation between Mihaly
Csikszentmihalyi and the three IowaBIG students who are working on this initiative. You can watch the 40-minute conversation here:
The recording starts a few minutes into their teacher providing some background information on the school.
After youve watched the conversation, click on the Activity 4: IowaBIG
Students Conversation with Mihaly
link. Enter the subject line of your choice. In one detailed post, post your reactions to what you heard in the conversation. You can write about the concept on which the school is based, about your experience in traditional education, about the role of environments in shaping creativity, really about anything that you like. Use this exchange as a springboard for anything that it provokes within you.

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