One of the primary purposes of this course is to


One of the primary purposes of this course is to allow students who are about to complete their programs of study at the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business to demonstrate their familiarity with the Baldrige Core Values. For this assignment, you will write a reflective paper summarizing your experience and discussing how these core values were exhibited in your work, both in this course and throughout your program of study.

Refer to the attached documents for assignment details and grading rubric, and the Baldridge Core Values presentation.

This Assignment will close promptly on Wednesday 11:59pm. Post University runs on East Coast Time. The Reflective Paper is worth 20% of your grade.

NO late work accepted.

Assignment Organization and Clarifications:

Please note this is a reflective paper. It is NOT a summary or explanation of each core value. It is your own personal inflection on which cores values you are currently utilizing, have experience with, have seen demonstrated, will be using in the future, etc. You do not need to select every core value. Select only the ones that are relevant to your reflection. Please do not summarize the unit topics. Discuss unit topics in direct relation to your reflection of your selected core values.

For example, you can reflect by stating “One core value that I have been using at work is focusing on the future. I have been using this core value to motivate my employees/soldiers and provide information on the many opportunities that lie ahead for them.

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