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Oral Presentation Outline Format
General Purpose:
Specific Purpose:
I. Attention-getting statement – gain the attention of the audience by using a quotation, telling a brief story or humorous anecdote, asking a question, etc.
II. Preview statement – overview of all of your main points.
I. First main point
A. Subpoint
B. Subpoint
II. Second main point
A. Subpoint
B. Subpoint
III. Third main point
A. Subpoint
B. Subpoint
Note: The number of main points and subpoints
you use will vary depending on how much information you have to convey and how much detail and supporting material you need to use. Subpoints are comprised of the supporting material you gather in your research.
You should not have more than five main points in any presentation.
I. Summary statement – review all of your main points.
II. Concluding statement – prepare a closing statement that ends your presentation smoothly.

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