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Organizational Leadership and Diversity in the Workplace

Chapter 8

  • Identify the characteristics of good leaders.
  • Describe the trait, behavioral, contingent, charismatic, and transformational approaches to leadership.
  • Explain the impact a situation has on leadership.
  • Articulate the focus of authentic leadership.
  • Explain the challenges to the leadership construct.
  • Discuss the implications of leadership during times of change.
  • Compare the distinction between leadership and management.

Chapter 12

  • Explain the variety and sources of increased diversity in the United States.
  • Identify and discuss the barriers to acceptance of diversity in organizations.
  • Define sexual harassment and illustrate its breadth of application in the workplace.
  • Discuss the relevance of leadership, climate, emotions, and dealing with difficult people in regard to diversity in organizations.
  • Demonstrate methods for establishing effective diversity programs within organizations.