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The goal of your Final Paper is to describe how you would implement a major program

of organizational change as if you were a senior leader of the company, using the following approach:

 Six Sigma

Additionally, the Final Paper’s purpose is to draw upon as much of the course material

as possible, but specifically from Units 5 -7.

In this assignment, you will create an outline for your final paper.


Your outline will contain headings and notes on the following points:

 What is meant by the organizational change approach you selcted (i.e.:

TQM, Six Sigma, etc.)?

 What specific goals do you hope to achieve with this program? For

example, improve Return on Investment, Market Share, reduction in

errors, etc.

 How will these goals be measured?

 How will the program be implemented?

 How will the company be structured to achieve these results?

 How will “buy-in” by the employees be gained?

 What is the role of leadership/management in the implementation of your

organizational change approach?

 Discuss the implications for organizational culture.

HRM335 – Organizational Behavior

Unit 4.2 Assignment: Final Paper, Part 3

You are expectd to review the feedback given to you on your outline and apply it to you

draft of the Final Paper due in Unit 6.


 APA formatted using double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font.

 APA formatted title and reference pages.

 The page length is at least 5 pages, excluding title, abstract, or reference pages.

 Use normal headings for your outline.

 You may use of bullets.

 Graphics are fine, but limited to three which do not take up more than ¼ of the


 Citations in APA standard format. A minimum of 5 separate citations is required.