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Paper Instructions: You should write a 10-page paper (excluding the reference page) in APA 7th Edition format, on a topic covered in the textbook of physiological psychology used in this term. You can select any topic that interests you as long as it is included in the textbook. If you havent defined your topic, see the table of contents for ideas.
Red font will be used for general writing to evaluate this paper. I suggest you use it to review your draft and make improvements so that you earn the most points possible for your business.
TURNITIN will be used to evaluate each paper. If your paper shows too much similarity to the sources identified by TURNITIN, it will be considered plagiarism and rejected. You will get a zero on your paper if it is found to contain plagiarism. You can use TURNITIN to review your paper before submitting it. I highly recommend that you do so.

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