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Part 1
Give an example of unethical leadership that you have personally witnessed.
If you do not have one, you may use one that you find searching the internet.
Describe why the leadership was unethical and how things should have been done differently. List and discuss ideas you are taking away from this post. Need by Friday.
Comment on at least one post from one of your classmates. This part of the assignment will be posted on Friday when Part 1 is completed. This part needs to be finished by Sunday
Any posts deemed inappropriate will be removed by the instructor and will
potentially face disciplinary actions.
Communicate in complete sentences and paragraphs.
Do not post blanket statements such as I agree or Great Job, Johnny. If you agree or think a post as great, explain your reasoning.
4. Discuss what you find interesting or what you find missing from the posts to which you reply. How does this apply to you, this course, your assignments, etc?
5. List and discuss ideas you are taking away from this post.
Part 2
Please summarize this weeks reading from Leader within You 2.0 by Maxwell (Chapter 10).
The summary should be at least 500 words.
You may also include possible applications of the material and/or personal experiences related to the material in your summary.
Need by Sunday

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