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Part 1: ResourcesAfter you have selected an early childhood education issue to advocate, using the “Current Issues Affecting the Classroom template”, provide four resources for stakeholders (families, educators, elected officials, community members, etc.) that provide information about the issue and its importance in early childhood education. Include links to your resources, along with a 50-100 word explanation for each resource detailing how it supports your call to action.

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Part 2: Speech

Write  a two-minute speech advocating for your position on the early childhood education issue.Your speech should include:

  • Description of the issue and your position
  • Proposal for modifying or changing the current cause or policy
  • Support through a minimum of two suggested and researched strategies
  • A conclusion reiterating your position and how it will change or improve the early childhood education issue

You will be evaluated on the content of your speech, including introduction, research, and call to action, as well as your presentation and delivery. Show professionalism in your speech and appearance.Support your speech with 3-5 scholarly references, and list them on the “Current Issues Affecting the Classroom” template.