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Part A: 2 pages. Look back to your first discussion post for class. You likely described your beliefs about forgiveness primarily through the lens of one of the main perspectives: Psychological, Relational, Spiritual, or Philosophical.

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  • Through which perspective were you primarily viewing Forgiveness? (Provide specific ties between what you wrote and material from your text or peer-reviewed articles to explain your perspective.)
  • Did you support – unknowingly – some of the common myths about forgiveness? Which ones?
  • Now, describe detail from class texts that have broadened your view of forgiveness to include the other perspectives.

Part B: 1-2 pages. Describe how forgiveness (or lack of forgiveness) has touched your own life. To the extent that you feel comfortable, describe what misunderstandings of forgiveness and what interpersonal challenges have affected forgiveness in your life. Moving forward, how might you specifically facilitate Forgiveness in your family and community?  Tie your ideas directly to class assignments and material.

Part C: 1-2 pages. In your view, how is the Community Work for this class related to forgiveness? Make specific ties to the psychological, relational, philosophical and spiritual components of forgiveness, as appropriate, and consider connections to some of the films and videos shared in this course.