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Part III:
Your Platform, and Party Politics:
In this part of the project, you are going to learn more about your own political leanings, create your platform — the set of issue stands you will run on — and compare and contrast them with the party you choose to run under.

Please announce which party you are affiliated with, then choose that platform to read and reflect upon (so dont do both).
If your survey results come up with Indepdendent, you must pick a party (we will learn in this unit that 3rd party candidates cant succeed).
Know yourself.
Take the Pew Political Typology to identify your political leanings (you may not get a firm Democrat or Republican group, so read the results carefully and discuss in your paper):
Submit a screenshot or jpg of your result (either in your paper or as a separate file)
Given your results, and your previous district analysis research, what’s your platform?
Choose at least 3 issue stands to develop.
These can be the same ones you listed in Part I, or you can choose new ones.
Consider what really matters to you, something youd be willing to fight for in the legislature.
Compare your issue stands with the official party platforms of your party:
Texas Democratic Party platform:
Texas Republican Party platform
Where do your ideas align with the party?
Where do your ideas diverge from the party?

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