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Both Plato and Descartes are considered to be ‘rationalists’ and both Locke and Berkeley are considered to be ‘empiricists’. Explain in your own words what the epistemological doctrines of ‘rationalism’ and ‘empiricism’ are, and how these doctrines are illustrated by the work of the four philosophers mentioned. In what ways are these four philosophers NOT representatives of the epistemological doctrines with which they are usually identified?

Based on your reading of the text of Locke’s, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, formulate and construct the arguments he uses to deny the existence of ‘innate ideas’. Do you agree with him about this or not? Why? Be specific.

While rationalism and empiricism are epistemological doctrines, ‘idealism’ and ‘materialism’ are usually taken for ontological doctrines. Define/describe idealism and materialism. Do you think one or the other is more accurate? Or, do you think that Descartes’ dualism is a more appropriate approach? Why? Be specific.

Based on your reading of Berkeley’s Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous, formulate and construct an argument that you think Berkeley uses to show that nothing exists outside of some mind. Do you think he is correct about this? Why or why not? Be specific.