Please choose one of the following five writing exercises to


Please choose one of the following five writing exercises to complete.

All original submissions should be a max of 500 words — no need to write more.

  1. Opinion Critique: Open a newspaper or magazine to the opinion page/section. Find one that you disagree with and write the rebuttal. 
  2. Imagery Prompt: Look out the window at your home, office, or anywhere, really. Imagine that you’ve just had the best day of your life, and then describe the scene you’re looking at. Next, imagine you’ve just received very bad news, and then describe the same setting.
  3. Community Newsletter: Pick an event that is coming up in your community and write a newsletter to attract attendees.
  4. Short Story Book-ends: Write a fictional story with this first sentence: “I finally found it.” Then end the story with this sentence: “It ruined me.”
  5. Investment Pitch: Create a product and write an elevator pitch to investors.

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