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Please choose one of the following options to write about:
Analyze a children’s TV show for gender roles
Watch a TV show (this can be one of your favorites from growing up, like Rugrats, or SpongeBob).
Describe the episode just so I can have a brief idea of what is happening. Think about this as being just one sentence.
While watching, write out what the boys and girls in the TV show are doing.
Ex. Who is physically fighting?
Ex. Who is the leader?
Ex. Are there different things that boys and girls do?
Ex. Are there different things that boys and girls like?
What conclusions can you make about gender roles from this TV show?
Analyze children’s toys
You can find your own childhood toys, or review different toys from a store’s website.
Find a few (at least 4), and describe the toys.This can include information such as: What is the toy? Who is this toy for? What age range?
Compile a list of what similarities and differences you see between the toys.
Ex. Is the toy “gendered” or aimed for a boy or girl?
Ex. What is this toy capable of doing? Does it have moveable parts?
Ex. What type of play do you associate with this toy (aggressive, docile, pretend)?
What conclusions can you make about playing with toys? Does it depend on age, gender, race/ethnicity?
Review a children’s book
You can find your own childhood books, or find one on the internet
Give a brief description of the book: What is it? What age is it for? What’s happening?
What type of information is the child getting from reading this book? Consider:
Are there gender norms or roles that are being reinforced?
Are there certain ways to play or interact with others?
Is there any information about parenting in the book?
Generally, write up how you can apply concepts we’re learning in class to the book!

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