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Choose *one* of the arguments against human-caused climate change below (#1-5). Use scientific information from reliable sources to respond to that argument. 

1. “The last couple of winters have been soooo cold here in the US north east, global warming yeah right!”

2. “Meterologists can’t even accurately predict the weather tomorrow, how can they predict that climate on earth will get warmer in the next few decades”

3. “There is no scientific consenus regarding human-caused global climate change. If scientists can’t even agree, why should we worry?”

4. “Climate on earth has been warming and cooling long before humans. The climate change we are seeing now is just a natural change and has nothing to do with human activities”

5. “Global climate change is caused by air pollutants that is damaging the ozone layer”

Recommended introduction to global climate change by Bill Nye:

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