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Please complete those two parts.

1. aThis is an exercise to find commonalities with others in our online course. There are no right or wrong answers, of course.

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Post a new thread in the forum, Room with a View. To add a thread, click on the ICEBREAKER Discussion: Room With a View. What should be included in the thread? First, describe (in vivid detail) the view from your favorite window. Weave some autobiographical information into your “view.” For example, “I’m looking over our pool where my brother learned to swim this weekend. It also overlooks a beach. When we lived in Arizona we dreamed about living by water and now that we are here in California that has become a reality.”


b. Each student will represent a single country from one of the following areas (one area per student):

  1. Central America, Caribbean, or South America
  2. Africa
  3. Middle East
  4. Southern or Eastern Europe
  5. Oceania (excluding Australia and New Zealand)
  6. East or South Asia

(*Please verify that you have chosen the appropriate country by going to the following link for United Nations Country Listings:

3.Each student will provide a list of ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ (Codes of Cultural Behavior) for tourists visiting his/her representative/host country, including: (20 points)

  1. Five major cultural ‘Do’s’ for tourists (10 points)
  2. Five major cultural ‘Don’ts’ for tourists (10 points)

c. Each student will provide APA-style citations within the text whenever applicable and compile a list of APA-style references (reference page) for all resources used in his/her write-up (1 point)

d. On the ‘Making Acquaintances:  Do’s and Don’t’s’ discussion board, each student will post his/her list of ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ for the representative country in a single thread, for others in the class to read.  If a student does not post the thread by the thread due date, then he/she is not eligible for the 20 points.

e. Each student is required to read the submission of one other student and respond to his/her posting by the response due date.  Students’ responses to the postings should consist of complete sentences.  If a student does not respond by the due date, then he/she is not eligible for the 4 points.  In the posting, each student is required to identify the following: (4 points)

  1. One potential positive cultural interaction between his/her country and the other country (2 points)
  2. One potential negative cultural interaction between his/her country and the other country (2 points)

NOTE:  If the write-up is not based on a country specified in Item 1, the student will receive zero points for this.

Those are the videos you may need to look: