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Can you please do the clinical audit for setup scenario as cardiac ward with 33 beds, choose any number of patients for this auditing. I was thinking to do audit on dressing change on IV cannula site or CVAD site. In our ward, we don’t have any documentation forms where we can document when the dressing was changed last for both. For IVC, the policy says to change IVC on day 3 but in some other hospitals, IVC is changed in day4 or 5. Some RMO’s in our hospitals who has worked in other hospitals are bit reluctant to change the IVC on day 3 especially during busy shifts. I also noticed that 5/15 charts we went through didn’t had IVC day documented properly. When I asked the patients if they remember when the IVC was inserted, some could answer and some couldn’t from those 5 patients whose IVC day was not documented. Maybe if you can focus on one of the scenario either CVAD or IVC dressing change audit (I think IVC is better option) or if you want to set scenario and do audit on vital signs chart, then it would be great. I will attach the examples of auditing project assignment for the reference but bear in mind these examples are from few years back and assessment criteria has been changed slightly after that so please follow the clinical audit rubric I have attached for this project. Thank you. Please send me messages if anything needs to be clear.

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