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Please go through the attachments carefully for assignment details.
This is the second milestone of the project mentioned in the M1 assignment.
For this assignment(Milestone 2), you will develop an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Additionally, you will write the literature review for the final project. The entire milestone should be a minimum of 6 pages with 10 peer-reviewed scholarly articles.
Annotated bibliography – Minimum of 3 pages
Literature Review – Minimum of 3 pages
For your reference, the portfolio project guidelines are attached here.
Please see the UC library for help in formatting your bibliography.
Here are some examples:
Here are some resources to complete a literature review:
Expectations are that it will be a scholarly work, using largely peer-reviewed resources, formatted to APA 7 style. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are significantly weighted.

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