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Your question: Why do you think that this product can (or not) be marketed in the US or abroad? Consider the strategic implications for environmental health, sustainability and green business.

2-Find and read at least two other publications (articles, books, video material) to learn more about the topic. These can be short articles or segments of published material.

3- Use these additional sources to practice citation with the APA format, as you will need these citations for when you produce your postings next week:


2  or more paragraph

Consider a company/organization that is U.S. based but has potential to enter a foreign market (or one that is in the U.S. and other countries but has potential to expand to a country that it is not in). Answer these questions:

1.Which market entry strategy would be a good option for this company/organization considering what product/service it markets and its current business approaches and strategy (in other words, look at ‘How to Enter the Market’).

2. Review Sustainable Marketing. Which concept is this company/organization employing OR which concept should it employ?

Research and list some privacy and/or security considerations in marketing that the company should account for.