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For more information on Group Projects, please read the Group Project Guidelines. The e-business’s board of trustees wants Will Learner to provide assurances that the e-business’s health institute’s traditional customer constituents are served well by its e-marketing process. Mr. Learner has turned to your team to provide current information on the ability of online portals, such as the e-business health institute Web site, to facilitate more adaptable links among the e-business customer types.  As a team, you will draw on your e-marketing expertise to compose a presentation analyzing the following 4 key strategic connections availed by the e-business’s health institute Web site portal:Business-to-business customer exchanges among the e-business’s business/organizational customers  Business-to-customer exchanges between the e-business’s business/organizational customers and its individual consumer network of online users and visitors  Customer-to-business exchanges between the e-business’s individual consumer students/users and business/organizational customers  Customer-to-customer exchanges among the e-business’s constituents In addition, President Learner has made you aware of the extreme concern among powerful members on the Med Ed board of trustees regarding ethical and cross-cultural considerations associated with an online learning platform. Your team’s presentation should also propose policies for ethical safeguards related to online privacy and guidelines for embracing cross-cultural ethnic health care education diversity considerations. Individual Portion:
Each member of the team should research and complete the e-business presentation slides for one of the following:B2B-pattern e-marketing processes that entail exchanges among business/organization customers (e.g., financial donors supporting suppliers/vendors, or advertisers promoting educational involvement of health care organizations): 2 slides  B2C-pattern e-marketing processes that entail exchanges between business/organization customers and individual consumer students/users (e.g., health care organizations and practical student learning, or government agencies and student financial aid): 2 slides  C2B-pattern e-marketing processes that entail exchanges between individual consumer students/users and business/organizational customers (e.g., administrative records management for health care organizations, or online advertising graphics for advertising sponsors): 2 slides  C2C-pattern e-marketing processes that entail exchanges among individual consumers (e.g., providing health care education webzine/blog subscriptions, or selling health care education merchandise such as electronic textbooks and virtual lab programs): 2 slides  Ethical and cross-cultural considerations related to the e-business’s online safeguards for health care education and student ethnic diversity: 2 slides. The final product should include both a group overview and introduction to the e-business customer exchange patterns as target markets in the e-marketing process strategy at the beginning (1–2 slides) and a summary of the e-business e-marketing process implementation strategy for the 4 key customer exchange patterns at the end (1–2 slides).

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Use the Small Group Discussion Board to explain how the e-business digital customer strategy achieves strategic connections for the 4 key customer exchange patterns (B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C), including ethical and cross-cultural issues.