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For your final assignment, utilize the scholarly resources and the knowledge garnered through completing this course concerning the conflict resolution process and your role in it. Identify and evaluate your (perhaps renewed) approach in handling conflict with respect to communication skills, interaction style, and group interaction skill sets by completing the activities and addressing the questions outlined below. Include areas where your thoughts on conflict have been changed due to new knowledge. Prepare for your assignment completing the “Measuring Your Conflict Style” application in Chapter 5 of the Wilmot and Hocker (2013) text.
Be sure to answer the following questions in your paper:
1. In a conflict situation, do you tend to avoid, compete, compromise, accommodate, or collaborate?
2. Does your approach differ depending on if the conflict occurs in a personal situation/encounter at home or in a professional setting while at work?
3. Do you feel confident when you enter conflict situations, or do you feel that your behavior leaves something to be desired?
o Use examples of your behavior to support your claims.
4. What behaviors and/or skill sets do you desire to further enhance in conflict situations?
o Use examples of your behavior to support your claims.

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