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Please see below the discussion in response to the original question asked and respond as a peer using 150 or more words.

Original Question:  Explain SQL and its functions. What do you enjoy the most about learning SQL? What you find the most difficult? 

Peer Response:


SQL is a query language and one of the most popular database languages, mostly due to it not being too difficult to learn. Each SQL database systems have data definition language and data manipulation language. The data definition language is for database creation, change and maintenance. The data manipulation language (DML) is used for computing data within a database. The DML can also support functions like COUNT, which counts the number of rows meeting the selection criteria. CURRENT_DATE will return the current system date. AVG computed the total value of the column given. Some very basic and standard commands include, SELECT, INSERT, FROM, CREATE and DROP. 

I enjoyed how simple it was to understand the language. I have taken courses with other languages and this has been the least confusing. Being able to continue to build on what you already have is the best part. The most difficult was understanding the normalization forms. This was a big hurdle for me but once I got more of an understanding it became simpler to understand how I needed to do the diagrams. Also some of the syntaxes. in the trucks assignment it took me hours, and I mean hours, to fully understand where I was going wrong with some of them. But now I’ve become more aware of what to use and where to use it.