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Please see the attached assignment, along with the case study and course resources. Please follow the assignment details very carefully – using the case study and a lot of the course resources. 

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Must use APA in-text citations and include the following sections.

1. Business Statement

2. Business Strategic Objectives (table format)

3. IT Mission and IT Vision Statements

a. IT Mission Statement

b. IT Vision Statement

4. Governance

a. who the participants are,

b. what each of their roles are on the governance board (why each is a member of the governance    body, not their general roles in the company), 

c. what specific governance methodology should be established/justification (i.e., COBIT, ITIL, etc.; documents in various weeks’ content), 

d. what responsibilities the governance body would have, and 

e. how they would prioritize IT projects (prioritization tool, criteria that is being considered for determining project importance)

5. Inventory of Current IT Systems