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What are the differences between being Muslim and being Arab?

  • Name various aspects of Islam.
  • Name various aspects of the Arab culture.
  • Do you believe that most Americans know that there are differences from being Muslim and being Arab?  Please explain.  Do you believe that the general population of the United States knows that the foundations of Islam are peaceful?  Please explain.
  • Document misconceptions that many people in the United States have towards Muslims and Arabs.
  • If you were a politician (from the perspective of a politician), describe ways in which you would promote the differences between being Muslim and Arab and that the tenants of Islam are peaceful.
  • If you have experienced discrimination, how was your experience the same or different from the experiences of discrimination described in the podcasts and book excerpt?  (OR)  If you have not experienced discrimination, why do you believe you have not?

 3 sources. One NEEDS to be the podcast.