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POS 3424 Legislative Process Fall 2020
Take-home Exam #3
Please answer all four essay questions by typing your response under the question. Be sure to reference the textbook and lecture in your answers. Please write the answers in your own words. Worth 25 points each. SHORT ESSAY ANSWERS 1-3 PARAGRAPHS
Question #1: Why is the president often called the chief legislator? What are the president’s Constitutional lawmaking powers? What can the president issue to get around congressional inaction to implement preferred policies?
Begin your answer to question #1 here:
Question #2: Discuss the process of bureaucratic rulemaking and the power of the bureaucracy. What specific oversight powers does Congress have over the federal bureaucracy?
Begin your answer to question #2 here:
Question #3: Explain the process of “advice and consent” in the Senate for confirming judicial nominees. Discuss how congress can check the judiciary in terms of policy and administration.
Begin your answer to question #3 here:
Question #4: Discuss tactics lobbyists use to press for preferred policies. Explain iron triangles and how they work.
Begin your answer to question #4 here:

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