Post 150 words answering the questions below (citing at least

Post 150 words answering the questions below (citing at least two sources in your answer), and respond to at least two classmates (each response should be at least 100 words).

For our final discussion question we will be delving into the concept of personhood, illegal drugs and policy.  This is a polarizing topic.  Please be respectful of your classmates and their ideas.  To start please listen to the NPR story: Personhood in the Womb A constitutional Question, you can find it here:  This story does delve into some aspects surrounding abortion, but I want you to focus your discussion on drug and illicit substance use and abuse.

  • Please share and explain what you believe the 2 most positive and also 2 most negative aspects of personhood laws are on women who are pregnant and are using (or are believed to be using) drugs and alcohol in the U.S.

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