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Potable Water: A Formal Analytical Report In a well-organized essay of at least 1500 words plus Works Cited, report your research on the issue of potable water, and argue for effective solutions to the crisis. For your research, pick a specific place in the world—a town or city, a river, an aquifer, a region or a part of a country—that shows a profound scarcity or pollution of potable water. Guidelines for the essay: ? The report must include a letter of transmittal and an abstract. Follow the guidelines and models in Lannon Chapter 21. Use a system of headings to guide your readers. Use appropriate visuals. You may omit title page, table of contents, and list of tables and figures. ? Your research should include at least five authoritative sources, e.g., journal articles, recently published books, and proceedings from international symposia on water. ? You may use the work of the lead agencies for World Water Day: the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). Instructions for writing: ? Integrate quotations into your sentence structures; that is, no quotation should be dropped into a paragraph as a discrete entity. ? Use visuals to help your readers interpret data or to understand conditions or solutions. All visuals must have a figure number, caption, and source. ? All sentences should observe the conventions of Standard English and show effective structures. ? All information from sources must be cited in text with signal phrases or parenthetical citations (A Pocket Style Manual, Chapters 33-34; Lannon Appendix A). ? The format of the essay should follow the form of the Formal Analytical Report in Lannon Chapter 21, 513-526 (Works Cited for the sample report on 643-46). The in-text citations and Works Cited should conform precisely to MLA style eighth edition.
Purpose: This project will give you experience in the production of a formal analytical report; these reports are widely used in business and the professions to present in-depth research into relevant problems and their solutions. Skills: Invaluable writing skills are required for this report: formatting, citing, and documenting sources, finding authoritative sources, evaluating sources, organizing information, using tables and figures, and writing effectively constructed sentences. Knowledge: In this project you will learn not only essential skills in conducting research in depth, in evaluating sources, and in organizing and presenting your research to others, but also the scope and tragic effects of the global water crisis on the world’s communities.

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