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Practical case study


Important: Solve using Logicly (free trial) 


1. Implement a sequential digital system capable of counting from zero to fifteen.

The design must meet the following requirements:

• Implement it with JK bistables. 

• Use a global clock. 

• The result is displayed on a 7-segment display.

2. The local soccer team has asked us to create a digital scoreboard system to be able to

display the result of the match to the spectators.

The design must meet the following requirements: 

• Reuse the previous design, for this it must be encapsulated.

• Connect 3 push buttons: (Home goal, Away goal and reset).

• The “Home goal” button shows the current score of the home team.

• The “Away goal” button displays the current score of the away team.

• The “reset” push-button performs a reset. 

• Only goals from zero to nine can be displayed.