Pre K Classroom After you’ve designed your room, write a


  • Pre K Classroom
  • After you’ve designed your room, write a scholarly  (4–6 pages) in which you use your classroom observations, course readings, and research to justify the room design choices you made. Include the following in your report:
    1. Concepts and Goals.
      • Define the educational concepts you want your room to demonstrate and the goals your environment will support.
      • Define the children your room will be serving, including their age and the number of children.
    2. Physical Space.
      • Describe and justify the size of room and the ratio of teacher to children.
      • Describe safety additions such as fire exits and support for handicapped teachers and children.
      • Describe furnishings such as cribs or desks, number and type of learning centers, and any other elements you believe necessary in setting up a room for children of this age.
    3. Practices.
      • Describe how expectations and modeling of respectful treatment of others take place in this room (with respect to social and emotional guidelines).
      • Describe how support of cultural, linguistic, and ethnic diversity takes place in this room. How is cultural sensitivity reflected in this environment?
      • Describe how this room engages students in their own learning through participation in a variety of experiences and stimuli, such as child choice activities in each learning area of the classroom environment.
      • Describe how ongoing assessment and monitoring of the environment will be performed in this room. How is this environment assessed?
    4. Use the following resources (found in the Resources section) to assist in your research for this assignment:
    • Review Evidence and APA, and browse the Writing Center’s other resources. Your work in this course requires use of APA style.
    • Review the module on Finding Academic Sources for Education Literature Reviews to familiarize yourself with this process.
    • Review the tools available at the Education Library Research Guide to aid in your research throughout this course.
    • Additional Requirements
      In addition to the above, your assignment must meet the following requirements:
    • Visual Room Design: Use the Room Design Activity template to draft a visual representation of your room design. Include this PowerPoint file along with your report when you submit your assignment.
    • Length:  must be 4–6 pages in length, double-spaced, not including the cover page and References section.
    • APA Style: must be a scholarly piece of work in APA style, including a cover page, citations, and references. The writing should be free of grammatical errors.
    • References: Use your classroom observations and course readings to support your justifications for the room design choices you made.
    • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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