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Pre-assessment is an important tool for gathering information on a student’s current level of understanding. This information can then be used to inform instruction. Pre-assessments can include everything from a teacher observing a student with a task to assessing student work samples.
For this assignment, you will administer one of the formative assessments created in Topic 2 or a reading formative assessment of your mentor’s choosing to a small group. Record the students’ assessment results.
In the Topic 3 assignment, you will create a lesson that integrates creative arts and reading and administer it to a small group in Topic 4. Collaborate with your mentor teacher to determine the topic or focus of this lesson.
Spend any remaining field experience hours observing or assisting the teacher in providing instruction and support to the class.
In a 250-500 word reflection, address the following:
Describe and analyze the results obtained from the reading formative assessment.
How the results will affect lesson planning for this group of students.
How you plan to apply what you learned about administering the assessment and analyzing the data to your future professional practice.

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